Tuesday, July 03, 2007

What did you say...

If he really wants to become leader of the Liberal Dumbocraps, all Clegg has to do is (1) keep mouth shut, and in the event of failing at (1), (2) Keep his foot well away from gob. Nice to see he can't even do that.
Listening to Yesterday in Parliament it was clear that Clegg believes we need to address the grievances of the terrorists who are trying to kill us.
It is not clear how he imagines we do this. Whether he would rather a 'softly-softly' approach possibly where the Queen presents some form of Immam with Her Sovereign Government's foreign and domestic policy for sign off, or a more aggressive tack, which would see Sharia Law implemented through the Good Offices of The Moslem Council of Britain he makes no mention.
What a fool.
Clegg has proven what others have long suspected, that even the Orange Bookers believe that these attacks - started long years before Iraq and Afghanistan - are somehow our fault; and that our goal should be accommodation with evil rather than its defeat.
The lines of engagement are clear, and the lib-dems are on the wrong side.


Blogger bgprior said...

Thank God there's someone else who can see through the Clegg smarm. I wouldn't use his naked ambition and lack of intellectual acuity as a reason to tarnish all of the Orange Bookers, though. I think some of them (e.g. David Laws) are genuine, intellectually-rigorous liberals in the old sense of the word. But for Clegg, it was probably more about positioning.

10:50 am  

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