Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Pretty darn neat

I am impressed by DC's reshuffle. Rather than looking at personalities, let's try and dig out trends:

- Entrenched top team: didn't change his key players but rather emphasised the centrality of their roles, although it will be interesting to see how DD plays it as he is the one key man to emerge potentially diminished.
- Token scalps offered: good way to be seen to be in charge is a couple of tough moves: good bye Hugo (don't care) and Francis (a shame) and take a step down Willets Minor (inevitable);
- Realign foreign policy: Pauline N-J, the Warzi lass all fall in line with DC's foreign policy speech, this is all about reaffirming the Tories in line with the old fashioned Real Politick of Pym, Carrington, Thatcher, Hurd et al. Will upset the Neo-Cons, but that horse has bolted and the idea failed;
- Getting serious on security: PN-J is a heavy weight, and does much to reinforce the security team. DC needs to get all over this, actually, as this is no time to go wobbly. DD will be important here as well.
- Bright Young Things: The Gove / Balls line up promises to be excellent fun, having watched Balls under pressure, this might be a truly inspired piece of man marking.
The team is in place, it is a good one, it has strength in depth, there are some good chaps on the bench in case of injury (Mr Grieves for example). Now let's get stuck in!


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