Monday, July 16, 2007


Andrew Rawnsley writing in the Observer about the intensely antagonistic relationshiop between Cameron and Brown gives another little insight into the depths of Brown's psyche - not a view most of us would relish.
See the reciprocating contempt which is radiated by Brown when he is facing Cameron. An Eton-educated, southern English Tory is everything that Gordon Brown most despises. Says one of the Prime Minister's friends: 'Gordon could only be more contemptuous of him if Cameron were a lawyer.'
Hmmm. Apart from noticing with a frisson of satisfaction that I personify everything the Prime Minister most despises (except I went to a better school obviously) the description of, as the personification of Brown's most loathed person, a public-school English lawyer fits rather neatly with, um, Tony Blair. Those ten years as his junior must have flown by.

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Blogger Devil's Kitchen said...

A "better school"? Hmmmf...


5:12 pm  
Blogger Tim J said...

You take half our scholars, you take half our teachers...

5:22 pm  

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