Friday, July 13, 2007

In the loop

Gossip reported on the Coffee House reports that there is soon to be a Cameroon Tory blog (working title 'Platform 10) which has the explicit aim of acting as a counterbalance to the slightly more unreconstructed elements of ConHome. Now, being about as far from being an insider as it's possible to be, it is with some surprise that I realise that I was in on this almost a month ago. The point is that it isn't good for either the Tories or for Cameron for him to be portrayed as being alone on the left of the party. An outlet for the soggier wing of the party (among whose ranks I probably stand) would have the benefit of making it look like less of a fight between Cameron and the 'true believers'.
However, like all such things, it will live or die on its content - so people had better be prepared to put the hours in...



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