Friday, July 06, 2007

Facing up to facts

or Orange book my arse

A fellow called BGPrior gladdened my heart by leaving a comment on my post damning the Fool Clegg and all his works.

Whilst it is super to know that someone else reads these things, I fear that I don't agree with 50% of his comment - but it raises such an excellent point that I wanted to post on it specifically.

BGPrior states that I shouldn't use Clegg's ghastliness " a reason to tarnish all of the Orange Bookers, though. I think some of them (e.g. David Laws) are genuine, intellectually-rigorous liberals in the old sense of the word."

I used to think along similar lines, but now I say flim flam and poppycock. The intellectual, moral, ideological and personal tenets of the modern day lib-dems should be anathema to any 'genuine, intellectually-rigorous liberal in the old sense of the word.

The lib-dums are anti-free enterprise; socially regressive; confirmed nanny-staters; ethically deficient (vide any bi-election they play in); big state anti-individualist proto-socialists.

No-one who was really a genuine, intellectually-rigorous liberal in the old sense of the word could ever sit with that.


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