Wednesday, June 27, 2007

What Broooon did next

So - good start Brooooon. Nice little speech, and you got away with that cheeky little line about it being time to start the change. That was A Big Lie.

You and I know that your record is a lie. That economic prosperity has been held back - not caused - by your policies. Policies which have increased personal taxation, driven up inflation (o, so cleverly masked), destroyed productivity and poured away resource into the maw of the public sector.

You and I know that you have been lucky in spades, clever in part - and have some great cheer leaders in the press , and support from our Adullamites - the Heffers, Daleys and Conservativehome's semi-unhinged commentators, who prefer "purity" to electability; "ancient" ideology from 1978 to common sense, and ultimately Broon to Cameron.

You and I know that in reality, marching under your own colours, you are doomed. But you are a clever swine.

So what is it that I fear you will do that will win you an election. Well:
1) Find some useful idiots to join your cabinet. Both the Tories and the Lib-Dems, being political parties, are packed to the gunnels with 'em, and it damages the 'Gordon's a lefty' pitch;
2) Add a couple of 'unbiased' businessmen to join in prominent positions - including people like Sugar, being touted I suspect as one of several, damage the 'Gordon's a control freak' pitch;
3) Throw in a tax cut - inheritance tax pushed over the £1m mark would play well in the South;
4) Refuse the siren's call for an Iraq wthdrawal - and win! Hold the line you never started it, but in good conscience will not leave 'til the job is done. After all it is for the kids.
5) Keep the housing market safe... could be tough - but mess this up and you are out.
What of the red meat to throw to your left? You will need some.
6) Throwing private equity to the wolves will damage the economy and further undermine business - but would play well to the idiots who vote and the fools who write the papers. And you don't care about business.
7) You hate Oxbridge. Many people do. We can't all get in. So you'll destroy the ancient universities and one can hear Polly Toynbee (3rd Class honours. Very stupid) cooing her approval.
8) You will require the independent schools to offer facilities (paid for out of parent's taxed income) and teachers (paid for out of parent's taxed income) to 'local schools'.
9) You will continue to drive a coach and horses through an old and functioning constitution - stripping away the embedded rights and dues of a sovereign people.

I reckon that Cameron is well able for you. But he needs to be able to focus on his front - and now he has fire coming in from the rear.

If we lose this one to Gordon, we will know who to blame - and then for the first time the right really might split.

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