Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Referendum musing

Europe and Quentin Davies, the two go together like pongy French cheese and a crusty white baguette, and I reckon it is good news for DC and his beleaguered Tories - who in the week that Brooooon takes the precious have seen their poll lead drop to a single point.

Let the people decide should be our motto...

Quentin, we should say, o you weedy wet. It is all well and good for you to have this epiphany about how luverly Brooooooooon is; but you stood as and received your money as a Tory. Let the people decide. Have a bi-election.

Angela, Nicolas, Jose, Brooooooooooooooooooon, we should say, et tu clots. It is simply smashing that you have managed to come to an agreement on how you will run Europe in our name; but we are meant to be a collection of democratic nations. Let the people decide. Have a referendum.

And when they say no, let us pick up a motto used to great effect over 200 hundred years ago NO TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION


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