Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Searching for heroes...

Who should the British left turn to in their quest for redemption? Owen Jones has the answers:

Francois Hollande, 26 May 2012:
The forces of austerity have had a kicking in France and Greece; in the Netherlands, for example, the anti cuts Socialist Party is doing well in the polls. The backlash against austerity has arrived in Britain, too. Space has opened for a radical departure from the consensus: it now needs to be tapped into.

Hugo Chavez, 8 October 2012:
Chavez has won fair and square. Despite formidable obstacles, he has proved it is possible to lead a popular, progressive government that breaks with neo-liberal dogma
Syriza, 22 December 2014:

Here in Britain, Syriza already represents a warning to Labour. The explosion in Syriza’s popularity has everything to do with Labour’s sister party in Greece, Pasok, coming to power and unleashing austerity on its own supporters.
Russell Brand, 4 May 2015:

Brand has been on a very public political journey, previously indicating his support for voting for Scottish independence and Syriza in Greece. He has been supportive of the Greens, and still calls on the people of Brighton Pavilion to return Caroline Lucas to parliament.
Podemos, 27 May 2015:

Study after study shows that most Britons believe in policies that are on the “left”: like a living wage, public ownership of utilities and services, or workers’ rights.

A Jones endorsement would seem to be something of a kiss of death...


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