Wednesday, October 24, 2012

PMQ Dissonance

I only actually get to see PMQs every so often - lunchtime on a Wednesday isn't the most convenient time for someone with a non-political job. I usually keep tabs on Twitter, and read the political commenters' take on it afterwards. So when I do see it, I tend to be surprised. Today's effort was scored at the time as an easy win for Miliband, Harry Cole's tweet that he was "caning them" being reasonably representative.

But the thing is, that when you see Miliband in action he just seems so weird. Presumably all proper political observers have acclimatised by now, and operate an unthinking handicap basis, so that his looks, speech and manner are ignored. That's perfectly understandable (and a similar thing happened with Gordon Brown at PMQs - his early performances were slated, his later ones praised, but the factors that were originally slammed were always present, journos just became used to them) but it does mean that when you see rave reviews for Ed's performance it jars. You think, 'what, him? Seriously?'

For what it's worth, I didn't even think that Cameron looked especially red...


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