Wednesday, May 02, 2012

May Surprises

Springing a surprise scandal in the dying moments of an election campaign is pretty standard practice - remember George Bush's DUI conviction? Usually, as that example suggests, these are pretty underwhelming things. This, from the Guardian, does a good job of lowering that bar. Here's the screamer:

Boris Johnson's campaign uses offices of firm that paid no tax for three years

Gosh eh? Nicely neutralising the stories surrounding the Guardian's favoured candidate's own tax, er, organisation. Except that, quietly tucked away in paragraph 14, you get this:

However, because Lycamobile reported losses, the firm has been tax-free.

So this scandalous story is, in full, "Company doesn't pay tax on the profits it isn't making". Which, as Guido points out, applies equally well to the Guardian itself. Try harder chaps.


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