Wednesday, May 02, 2012


As Jim Callaghan knew, the best way of ending a drought is to make it official. The ghost of Denis Howell has been hovering over these soggy islands over the past month or so. Regardless of whether or not this is the wrong sort of rain, there's something a touch absurd in the simultaneous contemplation of floods and standpipes.

It wasn't actually that sort of drought I was talking about though. Posts here have dried up to an alarming degree over the past few weeks. A gap in posting tends to be self-perpetuating - you feel that you can't just start again with the usual inconsequential blatherings. Why is there nothing on the budget? Or Jeremy Hunt? Or dire Tory polls? Have I just run away when the going got a bit stickier? Have I actually just run out of stuff to say after six years of wittering on about the same sort of thing?

Be that as it may, here we are again, and I do actually have some posts lined up. I do at least now have the advantage of being in something of a minority - a more-or-less convinced Cameroon, who thinks that this Government is getting far more right than it gets wrong, and is infinitely preferable to the alternative. As far as I can see that makes me, Danny Finkelstein and Bruce Anderson contra Mundum.


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