Wednesday, April 18, 2012


Look, I may need to reassess my feelings on this at some point in early 2015, but for the time being Daniel Knowles more or less says it all:

We are almost exactly in the midterm of this parliament, and we are at the very bottom of a brutal economic downturn. It is unsurprising that when several thousand people from across the country are asked how they will vote, many opt for populist parties like Ukip, which has a strong media presence and a charismatic leader. But, thankfully, political victories are not won in polls. When someone actually goes into a ballot box, they are not presented with a list of parties, but a list of candidates, and a specific job – whether it is a council seat or a parliamentary one. Faced with that choice, disaffected Tories will grit their teeth and vote Conservative.

Saying that you'll vote for UKIP in an opinion poll is the cheapest form of protest that there is. Voting for them in the European Elections is the second cheapest. Actually voting for them in a General Election, where the choice is between Cameron and Ed Miliband? I suspect that will prove to be a bit too pricy for most would-be 'Kippers.


Anonymous Danniel Widden said...

You probably overstate the situation. It is really of little matter who you vote for, Lib Lab or Con. All are Europhile regardless of their posing. All are big government, big spenders and in locked embrace with unions or corporations. All are for using the taxpayer as the means of party advancement and personal enrichment. Always remember the Parliamentry Expenses stench when tempted to consider voting for one of the parties. NOTA is the right vote.

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