Friday, February 03, 2012

Puppy love

Since having kids I have basically descended into the sort of mushy-headed sentimentality that would have got me drummed out of the Corps. Even making allowances for that, and given that it's a Friday afternoon, this is an article that you ought to read:

If a tutor or a therapist has worked with Iyal in the dining room a bit too long, Chancer moves between the visitor and the boy, clearly relaying: We’re done for today. From two floors away, he will alert, flicking his ears, tuning in. Sensing that Iyal is nearing a breaking point, he gallops up or down the stairs to find him, playfully head-butts and pushes him down to the floor, gets on top of him, stretches out and relaxes with a satisfied groan. Helplessly pinned under Chancer, Iyal resists, squawks and then relaxes, too. The big dog lies on top of the boy he loves, and seals him off from the dizzying and incomprehensible world for a while.

Go read the whole thing.


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