Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Work work work

Being a City solicitor is hard work. Having an energetic (albeit lovely) 2 year old daughter is hard work. Having a demanding (albeit desperately cute) newborn daughter is also hard work. Moving house is hard work.

Being a City solicitor with an energetic 2 year old and a newborn while also moving house is, how shall I put this?

Posting has been non-existent for, ooh, ages. And that's been most of the reason for it - I'm shattered. There's also a real problem with blogging that I've noticed before: stop for a time, even a short time, and you soon build up a backlog of posts that you really ought to write. The prospect of catching up with this backlog gets ever less tempting - and so the radio silence continues.

I still have the job, and my two perfect, noisy, tiring daughters. But I have at least moved house now. Normal service to be resumed? Lets wait and see.


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