Monday, August 03, 2009

Macintyre watch...

Macintyre watch...

James Macintyre, who regular Reptile readers may remember, evidently dislikes Dan Hannan’s description of him as a Labour spin-doctor.  Well, possibly he isn’t, although I suspect I shall have more to say about his posting on the Tories and Michal Kaminski.  What he certainly is, however, is a remarkably disingenuous journalist.  Have a look at his headline here:

Boris and rape centres: the Tory cuts begin

And now contrast it with the fact that spending on rape centres is set to double.  That’s some cut.  Which, by co-incidence, is more or less my opinion of Macintyre, give or take a consonant.  Sorry for the unexplained absence, incidentally.  High days and holidays and so forth.


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