Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Hanging them high

Some of the straw-clutching I referred to yesterday is on display from Steve Richards in today’s Independent.  We have a reference to Cameron and Osborne being yet to seal the deal with the electorate and the idea that the polls are overstating the Tories and that Labour can be the largest party in a hung Parliament.

In these circumstances, Richards believes, and refers to unnamed senior Lib Dems as being in negotiations with Labour ministers for a re-run of the Lib-Lab pact.  This sort of talk is pure electoral poison for the Lib Dems.  The 1992 election was dominated by the Tory talking point of ‘vote Lib Dem, get Labour’ – it will be even more damaging if it’s actually true.  The Lib Dems have no option but to continue their tight-rope act between the two parties, and should in fact concentrate more of their fire on an unpopular Government sinking in the polls than a resurgent Opposition.

Incidentally, there’s a rather lovely piece of timing in this article.  Seeking to illustrate the Tories inherent puerility, Richards seizes on Cameron’s rather well-received speech on Friday.

With David Cameron and George Osborne still playing student-like games, taking time last week to discuss whether it would be clever of them to make an "apology", it is not surprising they have yet to seal the deal with the electorate.

What’s the main story of the morning?

Was that an apology? Brown admits he could have done more to prevent economic crisis.

Tch.  Bloody students.

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