Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Back to the future

In one of my few posts, I posited that in effect many of the developments of the last 10 years would need to be unwound - that as they had been built on economic proceeds that did not in fact exist, they were unaffordable.
With the ICM poll confirming the new trend, and the possibility that we are drawing nearer, 1 day at a time, to a new dawn of Conservative Government, I believe it is time for the Tories to commit to a thorough audit of the books, a huge effort to determine the true state of the nation, to bring the PFI spending onto the books and demonstrate the huge cost of public administration.
When an appalled nation realises the full measure of debt, the fact that 49% of the economy is state spending, the fact that we each work for the state until June, the full measure of the future tax burden, and the gravy train that the employees of the state and that grey new middle ground of 'public sector consulting' have been travelling on - perhaps then we will be able to take the hard choices, roll back the frontiers of the state and say "Yes, we can do better and we will do better if only we can do things in a different way".
Perhaps when the election comes, and the work of a Conservative Government starts, we will undo the follies of the last 10 years and at last be able to go back to the future.


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