Tuesday, July 29, 2008

What's the problem?

So, rumours fly around (and are swiftly denied) that Miliband and Harman are actively plotting against Gordon Brown's leadership, that up to 10 ministers are ready to resign (in September) if Brown doesn't make up his mind to go: the political atmosphere suddenly looks to be electric. As I said earlier, I still have my doubts that these plots will come to anything, and still see a fatally damaged Brown administration limping towards annihilation in 2010 as the most likely outcome of all this febrility - but that may be simply wishful thinking.
But, when historians do look back on the end of the New Labour project in 2008-2010, what will be their explanation? Why were Labour so disunited? In previous administrations the wheels have fallen off as a result of ideological splits within the governing party. Think of John Major and Maastricht - or Labour and militant. What's the split in the Labour Party? Maybe it's because Labour has so little governing ideology right now, and is based so much on personality, that differences in personality are causing the trouble.

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Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

Labour certainly do have an ideological split which is almost impossible to reconcile. You have the socialists (Brown, Balls, Cruddas etc) and the Blairites (Purnell, Milburn, Hutton) who have totally disparate views on how to take Labour forward.

Let the infighting commence!

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