Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The thing with UKIP...

Now, as I'm sure you know the blogfather himself has recently put himself up for selection as a London MEP for UKIP. I'm a big fan of Tim's, and his blog was one that, more than any other, persuaded me to take the stuff up a couple of years ago. I'm also sympathetic to the whole Euro-nihilism shtick. But there's the thing with UKIP, which I seem to remember saying a while back:
The less good reason, and one I'm not proud of, is that most of the UKIP people I've met have been rather odd. I'm excluding from this the obviously delightful DK and Trixy of course, but most of them have been, well, peculiar.
Well, since then the DK has moved on but I think the point still stands. If you want a little more evidence of this, have a look at the former Tory MPs who have left the party and joined UKIP:
Seven joined UKIP: Roger Knapman; Jonathan Aitken; Neil Hamilton; Piers Merchant, Theresa Gorman, Sir Richard Body, and Bob Spink.
I mean, honestly! Does anyone out there really think that the Tories didn't get the better bargain when that lot quit?

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Blogger Letters From A Tory said...

Fine with me, UKIP can have that lot.

10:14 am  

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