Wednesday, June 04, 2008

I know it's a bad time but still...

Now, as I said after the May elections, the left of the blogosphere were rather noisily triumphant after their retention of two safe seats last summer. They've been significantly less chipper after losing one this spring. Times are hard for the Labour party and its supporters, even those supporters that are ambivalent in their support. After all, whatever the failings of the Labour party may be, the evil Tories are a million times worse - everyone knows that.
So, the loss of London, the loss of Crewe, the worst polling figures since polling began in the 1940s, a leader less popular than Michael Foot - these things can't be very pleasant. Tempers are presumably fraying. Which is why, I suppose, Justin at Chicken Yogurt has been lashing back at all of us nasty Tory bloggers. What I don't get though, and I doubt I ever will, is the bizarre obsession so many on the left seem to have with Margaret Thatcher's death. In this case, responding to an assertion in that notorious Tory blog, um, The Times of India, that the modern Guardian
is far to the left of not just the Tories but also of New Labour, the paper's constituency seemingly that of the 'Londonistan' of mullahs and minarets. The Guardian used to be called the Manchester Guardian; today it might well be called, by fans and foes alike, the Madrassa Guardian
Justin says that really, it’s the equivalent of pointing at a cock and balls drawn on a toilet wall and expecting everyone to agree it’s the funniest thing since Oscar Wilde turned up his toes. It’s dire stuff. Except that there is a serious point being made here - and it is that the Times of India was, until recently, the authentic voice of India's ruling classes. This sort of comment in India's largest newspaper is interesting.
Anyway, what does Justin suggest might be the equivalent for left-wing blogs of right-wing blogs quoting an Indian newspaper?
Anyway, I must get back to my project for when Margaret Thatcher dies. It’s a photoshopped picture of her being graphically sexually violated by Augusto Pinochet and Milton Friedman. In Auschwitz. No doubt everyone will laugh like hyenas when they see it. If not, I’ll want to know why not.
It's bizarre. And it's hardly a unique instance either. Leaving aside Recess Monkey's unfortunate bit of wish-fulfilment last year, Justin himself had referred to this a couple of days earlier.
You know, I'm saving up all my Tories = Nazis 'jokes' for a rainy day. Maybe when Thatcher dies? We'll see how funny these right-wing gobshites think it is then.
When Margaret Thatcher does die, the reaction of the left will say far more about them than about her. Even now, the gleeful anticipation is just grubby.

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