Monday, June 30, 2008

Hecatomb watch

Thanks to Mark in the comments, another Heffer hecatomb has been spotted.

It may be very uncomfortable and embarrassing for whites to intervene to stop the butchery of black tyrants. But if they don't, hecatombs of lives will be lost.
One more time: it's not a unit of measurement. Yikes.
Oh, and in the same article, Heffer decries the Tories:
And the Tories are no better. This week they ordered the suspension of a prospective parliamentary candidate who made the blindingly obvious observation that the late Ian Smith was better than Mugabe. It is time these people grew up.
Well, not quite. It would indeed be a fairly uncontroversial statement that Ian Smith was better than Robert Mugabe. But the Tory candidate didn't say that. What he said was that Ian Smith (or Francis Drake, Winston Churchill or Maggie) was his 'political hero'. That's less uncontroversial to say the least. And presumably Heffer knew this and is being deliberately disingenuous. Which suggests that it's someone else who needs either to grow up or to bugger off back to the Mail where such comments might indeed be accepted as blindingly obvious.



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