Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Rattus Rattus, or reflections on a frustrated hack

(a) Who would have thunk it - first defection has come from left of the Tory party despite the focus on frustrated right wing headbangers;
(b) Great news for Gordon - as it will swing attention onto positive territory for him and gives him a chance to say 'same old Tories, unprincipled Dave' - will be very interesting if this gets traction...
(c) Biting critique of Mr Cameron which hits each of the key labour speaking points. People looking for Broon's attack points need look no further. Odd that...
(d) Actually, Davies Old Bean, it was a jolly personal assault. Poor form and all that;
(e) Key that DC doesn't grace this with a formal response. Hard line to walk... but I would get Ken or Hezza on the airwaves wondering what the hell he was thinking;
(f) Great opportunity to underline the positive differences between us and them - 'funny that Quentin, who claims he believes in ... should join Broon and Harman's party where they believe ...
(g) Let the people choose - link the referendum to the bi-election: we know what Gordon and Quentin have in common, they won't ask the voters for their opinions!
(h) Will reveal a great deal about ConservativeHome's readership and their tendency to be 'useful idiots' to Broon's Uncle Joe
(i) Everytime Tories are asked about this they should preface their answer with 'of course, it is very frustrating when you feel you are being held back - but in such a strong team the more limited are always going to find it hard to get the attention they feel they merit and at least now there should be a K for him, but as a reflection etc etc'
(i) Finally, Thank God that QD looks like and comes across as such a Bufton-Tufton fat headed ass.

PS Most important defection since 1945, my hole.

PPS On a related note, Fred Thompson has never crossed the floor. When one of his colleagues tried it, Fred Thompson picked the floor up and beat him into a pulp with it.


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