Friday, May 04, 2007

In the Beginning

A Welsh Conservative AM candidate reportedly referred to homosexuality as a sin (he has denied this) and made references to the acceptability of creationism being taught in schools as well as Darwinism. David Cameron, caught in the controversy, states that what is taught in faith schools should, ultimately, be a matter more for the headmaster and governors than for a political party to decide.
"Personally I don't support the teaching of creationism," but he added, "I'm a great believer that we need to trust schools and governors of schools to get these things right and I think that's the right approach." He said he advocated a "more devolved system" for deciding what schools were allowed to teach.
So, the Conservatives support a decentralised approach to the curriculum. All well and good, but the suggestion that schools teach creationism in science lessons angers many scientists - who rightly see creationism as a superstition rather than a science. So the question to Cameron is refined: not, Should creationism be taught in schools? but Should creationism be taught in science lessons?
"No, I don't think we would. Basically, we think creationism has got its place as part of a religious curriculum, but not as part of a science curriculum."
So the Conservatives support the freedom of schools to set aspects of their curriculum, but would disapprove of attempts to teach religion as science. And this is reported how?
David Cameron's ambiguity about creationism provides yet another example of politicians taking the benefits of science without defending its principles.
There's a headline with no relationship to the story if ever I've seen one...


Blogger chris said...

The more that I hear of what Cameron has to say, rather than what is reported to say, the more I like his thoughts. But since it is this bad with somebody that is obviously one of the media crowd (apart from being on the right) just think what they would be doing to somebody more obviously of the right?

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