Thursday, March 01, 2007

A Victory for Common Sense?

I was glad to see that Connor McCreaddie has been allowed to stay at home with his mother, despite the recent heavily publicised threats by the local authorities to take him into care.
North Tyneside Council saw fit to hold a child protection conference attended by two obesity nurses, a consultant paediatrician, the deputy head teacher of Connor's school, a police officer and two social workers to to decide Connor's fate, despite the fact that Connor's mother had already put him on a diet and that he had lost one and a half stone since December.

Mercifully, it was decided that Connor could stay at home. The thing is, although it seems that this was the right decision to have reached, I wonder how much that decision was influenced by the intense media interest surrounding this case. Do you think that had this whole affair not been given such wide-ranging publicity that North Tyneside Council and its coterie of interfering busybodies could have resisted the temptation to bully another single mum? It is ridiculous that Connor's case was allowed to get to the stage where it was seriously mooted that he be placed into care. Ridiculous, but sadly, not very surprising. What I'm worried about is all the other overblown cases where a band of bigoted meddlers are allowed to destroy a family, in secret, with no accountability and with no redress for the parents.


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