Thursday, March 01, 2007

Mind your language

I'm sure many of you will not have been able to avoid the flurry of correspondence and articles in the Telegraph regarding the most annoying phrases around today. On the one hand, I do agree. It is annoying to have to hear our beautiful language being hackneyed and mauled, whether by people trying to sound clever, professional or even 'cool', but really, is it worth all this angst? Sure, its' really annoying when people mess up they're punctuation, sad to see americanized spellings and grating to occasionally come across unnecessarily bad grammar, but isn't it more annoying to be constantly worrying about what people might think of the way you express yourself? It's rather like driving through a built up area and spending your entire time looking at the tachometer rather than watching the road.
I really do try to use English properly, but I'm sure I'm not the only one who has the odd lapse in the heat of the moment. It's difficult to be perfect all the time and, in the end of the day, (I had to slip at least one of them in), isn't language all about communication?


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