Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Fifth Columnist!

At the Telegraph no less. Melissa Whitworth writes a rather surprising blog post, essentially bemoaning the fact that the worlds most unconvincing human being (possibly excluding John Redwood, but it's close) failed to win the 2000 Presidential election.

In a mock Oval Office address, Gore told the world that over the last six years his administration had been able to stop global warming and parts of Maine and Michigan were under attack from "renegade glaciers."

The budget surplus was eleven trillion dollars, cars now ran on trash, the cost of oil was 19 cents a gallon, Afghanistan was one of the world’s top tourist destinations and Americans could no longer safely travel abroad for fear of being hugged.

Oh if only, if only.

The unswerving conviction of swivel-eyed Democrats that the election of 2000 was a fraud, that Bush stole the election and that Gore really 'won' is undimmed by any evidence to the contrary, and undulled by the passage of time (c'mon people, it's bloody ages ago!). But what Whitworth fails to notice is that, had President Gore taken office in 2000, the universe itself would have ceased to exist. As Crispin Sartwell says, a vote for Al Gore is a vote for the complete annihilation of all possible worlds. I'd say were were lucky to miss that one.


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