Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Martin Amis

I haven't read much recently by Martin Amis, but I might just have to now. In a style worthy of the DK himself, witness this little e-mail exchange with an Independent reader:

The phrase "horrorism", which you invented to describe 9/11, is unintentionally hilarious. Have you got any more? JONATHAN BROOKS, by email

Yes, I have. Here's a good one (though I can hardly claim it as my own): the phrase is "fuck off".

Such talent expressed in so few words!

UPDATE: He's a snarky little so and so...
Whats the worst thing that's ever happened to you? NESA GARDEZI, by email

One day I returned home from a book tour in the US, and I noticed that the leading edge of the toilet roll in the bathroom wasn't folded into an inviting V - as it was in all those American hotels.
Not only that. I then had a tedious five minutes issuing instructions about the new arrangement to my wife.


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