Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Celebrity Big Deal

I've been extremely underwhelmed by the 'debate' triggered on racism by CBB. While I can't go so far as Simon Heffer in dividing my life into the era before I'd heard of Jade Goody and that after, I will say that I have never watched more of Big Brother in any incarnation for longer than it takes to identify what it is and change channel. I don't say this in a particular spirit of pride, just that the concept of watching seemingly tedious people do nothing for ages has never seemed to me remotely appealing: I've worked in academia.

So the fuss that Jade Goody and her mother disliked a pretty, educated Indian actress and consequently 'bullied' her using potentially racist remarks has seemed peculiarly irrelevant. Headlines of 'Stupid graceless person acts with graceless stupidity' are not Pulitzer-worthy stuff. There is a slightly more interesting angle from the class perspective - but the people writing the Shilpa-victim pieces are also those who, presumably, would espouse Jade as their class-victim.

So can we all agree that what Jade Goody may or may not think is of no more significance to the culture of Britain than what I think is. And for God's sake talk about something else...


Blogger Serf said...

The worst bit is that most people don't include pictures of Shilpa instead of Jade with their articles.

1:58 pm  

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