Friday, June 23, 2006

Return! But for how long?

Well, even though BT have yet to return the joys of the internet to my new place, the kind assistance of a family member (or will be next year anyway) has seen the installation of a wireless connection. This coupled with the marvellous benficence (or possibly incompetence) of one or tow of my neighbours has provided sporadic and low-grade access to other peoples' networks. Naturally I am not going to take too much advantage of this, but I thought I'd share a bit, by way of a blog-stretching exercise following a lengthy lay-off.

In this week's Speccy, sadly behind a registration wall, Rachel Johnson writes about childbirth, and how men should hide in a bush (or something, I wasn't really concentrating) and reminds us all of the inherent dangers of childbirth. This reminded me of a piece of graffiti I saw in Prague in 1990. Communism's corpse was still warm, and instead of the now ubiquitous advertising billboards there were a whole series of informational advertisements from the Government. One of these showed a new born baby, with the words (in Czech and English) 'The first ten minutes of your life are the most dangerous. Underneath this someone had scribbled words that I was reliably informed translated as 'The last ten aren't much fun either'.

With any luck this won't be an isolated meander, but frankly you never know...


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