Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Well played David and viva la revolucion

Congrats all round to messers Cameron and Davies at PMQs/Home Sec statement stuff

The more I see of Mr Davies, the more I like him. Pace DK and his typically trenchant views on things, I would (had I been a member) voted for Dave "The Change" Cameron as I reckon that the uniquely awful Electorate will be more likely to go for him (and the first thing we Tories need to do is win) but politically DD is probably more like my kinda Tory.

Anyhoo to related matters - let's hope that the noise in the street even now reaching my ears is the sound of Clarke's tumbril rolling past, as opposed to the usual sounds of the revolting peasantry of Sarf Lunnon, innit, like.


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