Friday, April 21, 2006

Polly misses the point - again

In another comment piece in the Guardian Polly Toynbee manages to hit all her usual buttons, although poor old Gordon must have failed to hit her G-spot last night, for there's nary a mention here. There is room for a mention of those damn Nordic Countries, with their far more successful economies, as well as a dig at Margaret Thatcher, apparently for the unimaginable sin of promoting performance related pay (if only we could get this for Polly, she'd be reduced to scavenging in bins). There is, of course, one humdinger. Talking about the massive BBC salaries that have been leaked, Polly calls for all salaries and tax returms to be public documents.

People do know more or less what everyone else earns in the public sector, so why not make it compulsory for all?

Well, because it's not public for a start. I, as a taxpayer, have a vested interest in the salary of Jonathon Ross because I help to pay for it. Similarly Tony Blair, or Mr Justice Cocklecarrot. You, as a taxpayer do not have any right to know how much I earn because you are not paying me. And if you are paying me, then not only do you know how much I earn anyway, but you should definitely be doing something more productive than reading this blog.

Incidentally, Polly Toynbee was two years below my mother at Oxford, and dropped out, unable to cope with the course. Failed 11-plus, dropped out of University: proof that being a total muppet need not destroy your career prospects, provided you have rich and famous parents to carry you through.


Blogger Bel said...

I have long refrained from reading about or commenting on La Toynbee for health reasons. She makes my blood boil, and I can't risk that, given the current state of the NHS. Let me just say I envy you your nerves of steel. How could you possibly read that woman's work and maintain some sort of equanimity?

She typifies the ignorant, muddled, and clueless Left. No idea how the world works, or how economies function.

Sad thing is, I don't know if anything can be done to 'help' her, so convinced is she of her own rightness.

1:05 pm  

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