Tuesday, April 18, 2006

A myriad of manifestos

Things are hotting up on the manifesto front. First it was the Euston crowd - men of the ilk of Norm, Pooter and the mob at Harry's Place - whose protestations of militant leftism (or something like that) aroused a significant degree of blogtroversy. Now Fatty Pollard has got stuck in. His is basically a call against anti-Americanism and moral relativism, and none the worse for that.

My own feeling on manifestos, apart from thinking them screamingly pompous for a blogger to assert, is that less is definitely more. I would always pick the Conservative manifesto espoused by Bonar Law in 1922 ('Tranquility') over the rancid outpourings of Labour Parties from Atlee to Blair. I would therefore rather follow the Devil's Kitchen's mould and eschew any sort of manifesto.

However, entering into the spirit of the thing here goes:

1: The individual knows better than the State
2: People should be free to do anything that does no harm to others


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