Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Doctor, doctor...

There are 2 people in the UK who don't think that the NHS is in crisis, Mr Blair and the really remarkably nauseating Patricia Hewitt (possibly the most patronizing minister in the world). Everyone else can see from the spate of redundancies, failures and closures that the thing is in serious trouble.

What amazes me is that anyone is surprised. The NHS is th creation of a socialist Government in the 1940s, designed for the 1950s and seeking to cope with the 21st century. Can't be done. All the money in the world won't help - after all, if you put the engine from the latest Ferrari into a Hillman Imp, it wouldn't turn the Hillman Imp into a Ferrari, you would just create more problems.

What the NHS needs is a blank piece of paper and a fresh start.

But, you can't do it y'see, because to the left it is an Article of Faith, and to the British Electorate - that unique collective of the stupid, the brutal and ignorant - it is a Sacred Cow.

What does that mean? It means that taxes must keep rising as we try to fix the unfixable, the Tories must keep dissembling as they seek to reform the unreformable, the left must keep lying as they work to keep the faith, and the votes, of the 'healthcare professionals' and the people will keep dying early, in pain and unnecessarily, sacrificed for an out-moded, obsolete idea.

The NHS, not a crisis - a tragedy.


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