Wednesday, March 29, 2006

I know for whom the Soup Kitchen tolls

Mr Heffer has drawn my attention to the fact that the Fabian's have just released a pamphlet. Bully for them and I hope it stays nice for them, I head you cry. But wait - this pamphlet is bolstered, supported and generally drooled over by both Balls (he of the neo-endogenous growth theorem) and Miliband (some young turk who we are all meant to be impressed by). Critically the Brownian motion regards these 2 as being his blue (red?)-eyed boys and we can therefore regard its import with some trepidation as being by way of a kite. And yes, you have guessed it - they want an upper tax of 50% on 'the rich'.

Angels and Ministers of Grace preserve us! Where do these people get off - I already pay for hospitals, schools, roads, 'universities', subsidised transport, outreach groups, emotional-intelligence assessment officers, legions of useless public sector workers and Goodness alone knows what else none of which I or derive any value fromand which has pushed my tax levels to a level higher than during the Second World War (for Crying out Loud). If you listen over the noise of the leftist comentariat lecturing me on my social obligation to fund the shiftless and lazy through inefficient wasteful central spending you can hear the sound of pips squeaking.

Disaster and devastation stare us in the eyeball. Mr Cameron - I know that you are treading carefully so as not to scare the horses and that to make change we must first get into power, but please send us a sign that you understand! In the meantime I am going to work harder - although we are still someway off Tax Freedom day, when the money earned stays with you rather than feeding the rapacious Gordon of Downing Street and his foul minions who are legion. And, typically, rather smelly.


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