Wednesday, March 08, 2006


Alice Thomson, not usually one to say much of note, does cause an eyebrow to raise today.

According to a close friend, it is ludicrous to speculate over what Miss Jowell talked about at the breakfast table - she was never there. She had already done a session in the gym and gone to her first business meeting, leaving her husband to play golf and talk to his Italian friends.

Now, Mills is an international tax lawyer. While his career may have dipped recently, it was as a result of advice he gave to the richest man in Italy on the tax structuring of his financial empire. A note to Ms Thomson may be in order here. Just because you do not understand something does not mean that it is easy to do. Sheesh.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not sure what has happened to the DT's columnists - there used to be a few 'must reads' but now it is mostly pap.

Whilst shooting Sarah Sands has been a good start, the rot won't be stopped until they go on bended knee to Mark Steyn and beg him to return

4:21 pm  
Blogger The Pedant-General said...


" Not sure what has happened to the DT's columnists"

Three words:



11:30 pm  

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