Tuesday, March 28, 2006

A Four Letter Man

Amongst the establishment of fools, rogues, scoundrels and liars who at present form the governing class of Her Britannic Majesty's realm, there are naturally a large number of four letter men - and I was pondering on one of them: Ken Livingstone.

The latest outburst of this egotistical bully is to condemn the US Ambassador for his approach to paying the congestion charge (his approach being not to), calling him a "chiselling little crook".

When taken on top of his repeated anti-semitic diatribes, his tendency towards violence and the undoubted nastiness of his character shown throughout his filthy climb to 'power' at the GLC one has to ask how it ever was that people voted for him for Mayor? Is this the sort of man that London needs to represent her?

It all contrasts very unfavourably with the real Mayor - the Lord Mayor. Somewhat more restrained in franchise and manner, here is a fellow who spends no tax payers money, makes no fuss, holds an excellent annual show and is an invaluable drum-upper of business.

Livingstone: a foul man whose usefulness is outlived. Away with him.


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