Friday, February 07, 2020

Ladies steaks

Via Tim, I'm afraid that this story in the Telegraph triggered (yet) another African reminisce.
A steak restaurant in Liverpool has launched a ‘ladies fillet’ because they say that their female diners struggle to eat the larger cuts. 
The steak “is for the ladies” boasts the menu of the Manhattan Bar & Grill on Fenwick Street, which offers a cheaper, smaller, fillet for women. 
The restaurant said that they had introduced the 8oz steaks after they received “countless queries” from female visitors and hen parties asking if they had anything smaller than their classic 10oz fat free version.
Stax Steakhouse in Mutare (tucked away in a shopping arcade) served about the best steaks I'd ever had  up to then (I was 18, so not exactly a gourmand). They were also enormous (standard 12oz, T-bone something ludicrous like 18oz). Tucked away at the bottom of the menu was the 250g "Ladies' steak", the description of which was something like "Not man enough for our steaks? Maybe this one's for you." Put it down with the adverts for Madison Reds: "Real Men Smoke Madisons".
But some people have criticised the restaurant and said that the gendered menu is sexist.
 They definitely wouldn't have liked Zimbabwe in the 90's...


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