Wednesday, April 06, 2016

Tap tap

Is this thing still on? One of the problems of buggering off for weeks is that you feel you have to say something important in order to come back. I'm going to circumvent that feeling this time by pointing out that there's not necessarily a contradiction in this part of Alice Thomson's cri de coeur on the reverse in feminism:
Fifty years ago women were demanding the right to wear what they wanted. Now M & S has started selling burkinis in its stores at £49.50 with hardly any dissent. 
Just because a choice seems inexplicable to you, doesn't mean it isn't a choice...


Blogger Recusant said...

Well, that's the modern liberal for you: liberal as long as you agree with them. If you disagree, that is a sign of some form of mental perversion. Just like the Soviets and their psychiatric 'hospitals' for dissidents.

Welcome back. Hope the "buggering off" went well.

11:39 am  
Anonymous mike fowle said...

Missed you.

1:33 pm  

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