Tuesday, September 22, 2015

The astonishing revelations continue!

Ashcroft and Oakeshott, the Woodward and Bernstein de nos jours, continue their amazing run of maybe true anecdotes today. Here are just some of the astonishing stories that warrant inclusion in an unprofessional hatchet job a work of serious political biography.

David Cameron went to a party.
By the time the PR Matthew Freud and his wife, Rupert Murdoch’s daughter Elisabeth, sweep in, the party is in full swing — loud, boozy and perhaps not entirely free of class-A drugs.
That is almost as weaselly as the 'I'm not sure I believe this story but I'm going to include it anyway' one we had yesterday. "Perhaps not entirely free of class-A drugs"? Yassus.

David Cameron once lost his mobile phone
‘He was wandering around drunk, asking if anyone had seen it. I couldn’t believe it,’ says the guest.
David Cameron once had a conversation with Jeremy Clarkson
‘There was a huge marquee full of ladies with big hair and even bigger jewellery. The entertainment for the evening was Dave in conversation with Jeremy Clarkson, who seemed to be smashed off his face.
There's a photo of David Cameron riding a horse
It was taken at the final gathering of the Heythrop Hunt before the ban came into effect, a few days after Christmas 2004. Cameron can be seen on a fine bay mount, looking a little nervous, as horses assemble in the square in Chipping Norton.
Sadly for everyone after yesterday, he's only going hunting on it.

David Cameron once wrote a letter in support of a constituent
Did the police and Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) go easy on Barnfield after pressure from Cameron? It seems more than possible.
The pressure consisting of a letter as Leader of the Opposition to the Attorney General.

Stay tuned for more indiscreet trivial gossip searing revelations!


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