Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Perspective is a funny thing

Ed Miliband's personal ratings have undeniably improved over the course of the campaign - they are now merely awful. I suspect (albeit without any actual evidence) that what has happened is that Labour supporters are rallying around their leader in the run-up to the election; it has been his poor rating by Labour supporters that has condemned Miliband to subterranean approval levels over the past five years.

With the prospect of Prime Minister Miliband now probably the most likely outcome to the election, we are starting to see articles saying that, actually, Ed has always been a strong, dynamic leader, and all that's happening now is that we're all seeing it. Steve Richards has written a good example here:
Ed Miliband hasn’t ‘suddenly’ become a robust leader. He always was
It's strange what this election has done to our sense of perspective though. I remember a leader of the opposition who, like Miliband, had experience at Cabinet level, and fought perceptions of weirdness and lack of leadership credentials; who kept a fractious party mostly stable, despite lack of strong input from senior figures in the last Government. His approval ratings were slightly higher than Ed Miliband's and he managed to get his party to 32% in the election - which is within a point or two of where I suspect Labour will end up this time.

William Hague was not exactly considered to be a success as opposition leader though.

Tuesday, April 21, 2015


So, Ed Miliband will be Prime Minister, and we just have to get used to the fact that our Prime Minister says things like this:
You know what I think when I go round the country, you know? People are asking about the permutations in their own lives.
Of course they are. God help us.

Happy Times

God in Heaven but this election campaign is depressing. I appreciate that by following it mostly on Twitter I may well be getting a skewed vision of it, but has there ever been an election campaign that has been as uninspiring, and apparently mostly in bad faith as this one? In no particular order, here is a non-exhaustive list of the things that are actively making me miserable:
  • Every time I hear the Tories talking about the SNP;
  • Every time I hear anyone else saying that the Tories talking about the SNP is 'demeaning' or 'anti-Scottish';
  • Every time I see that the new Tory policy offer is another uncosted spending pledge;
  • Every time Ed Miliband makes foreign policy capital about reneging on the Syria vote;
  • Every time I see Alastair fucking Campbell saying anything at all;
  • Every time someone English says they wish they could vote SNP;
  • Every time I hear the SNP mentioned in any context;
  • Every time I see poor old Nick Clegg's wee face;
  • Every time one of those stupid pictures with more stupid words on it goes viral;
  • Every time someone shroud-waves the NHS;
  • Every time Ed Miliband makes foreign policy capital about drowning migrants;
  • Every time I realise that the little scrote will probably be Prime Minister in two and a bit weeks.
Just for balance, here's a full list of the things that are making me happy:
  • Ruth Davidson
At least we're nearly there.