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Weaponising the NHS

Labour manifesto 1950 
They voted against the second and third readings of the National Health Service Bill... Can these Conservatives be trusted to safeguard the welfare of the sick, the poor and the old? 
Labour manifesto 1959
The creation of the National Health Service was opposed by the Tories. Since they took office they have starved the Service of money.
Labour manifesto 1964
The National Health Service was among the foremost achievements of the 1945-50 Labour Government. Since then it has been starved of resources and has failed to adapt sufficiently to modern needs.
Labour manifesto 1970
The greatest single achievement of the post-war Labour Government was its creation of the best universal social security system and the first comprehensive health service in the world. The greatest single condemnation of Tory rule was the appalling neglect of this social programme.
Labour manifesto 1974 (October)
Labour created the National Health Service and is determined to defend it. Immense damage has been done to it by Tory cuts in public expenditure.
Labour manifesto 1979
We reject Tory plans to create two health services: one for the rich, financed by private insurance with a second-class service for the rest of us.
Labour manifesto 1983
The creation of the National Health Service is one of the greatest achievements of the Labour Party. It now faces a double threat from the Tories: a lack of resources for decent health care; and the active encouragement of private practice.
Labour manifesto 1987
Labour's proudest achievement is the creation of the National Health Service. The Conservatives voted against it then. All who use and value the service know only too well how it has been neglected and downgraded by today's Tories.
Labour manifesto 1992
This election will decide the future of the NHS. Indeed, it will decide whether or not we continue to have a NHS of the kind that the British people want. The Conservatives would continue to commercialise and privatise the NHS until it is run as just another business.
Labour manifesto 1997 
Labour created the NHS 50 years ago. It is under threat from the Conservatives. We want to save and modernise the NHS. But if the Conservatives are elected again there may well not be an NHS in five years' time - neither national nor comprehensive.
Labour manifesto 2005
Healthcare is too precious to be left to chance, too central to life chances to be left to your wealth. Access to treatment should be based on your clinical need not on your ability to pay. This means defeating those who would dismantle the NHS.
Labour manifesto 2010
The Tories will not introduce the necessary reforms, would fail to guarantee access to services, usher in a care postcode lottery, and put the interests of patients second.


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From Wikipedia's article of the Beveridge Report:

"While the Liberal Party and the Conservative Party quickly adopted Beveridge's proposals, the Labour Party was slow to follow. Labour leaders opposed Beveridge's idea of a National Health Service run through local health centres and regional hospital administrations, preferring a state-run body.

Beveridge complained about the opposition of Labour leaders, including that of Ernest Bevin: "For Ernest Bevin, with his trade-union background of unskilled workers... social insurance was less important than bargaining about wages."

Bevin derided the Beveridge Report as a "Social Ambulance Scheme" and followed the Coalition Government's view that it should not be implemented until the end of the war (he was furious in February 1943 when a large number of Labour back-benchers ignored their leaders and voted against delay in implementing Beveridge)."

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