Wednesday, October 09, 2013

Does not compute!

This is really quite funny. The BBC commissioned a poll effectively to show how badly public services have been affected by the 'cuts'. They are then shocked and disappointed to see that most people think that services have improved. But it's OK! The poll that they commissioned was probably junk anyway:
While general public opinion may tend towards the view that a service has been maintained or improved, some will argue that cuts in spending have had a particularly negative impact on vulnerable groups whose experience may not be represented by the poll.
Double points for maintaining this line even though a specific finding in your own poll is evidence against it:
However, the survey indicates that people who use a particular service are more likely to say it has got better than the general population.

For instance, the overall score for meals-on-wheels is minus one - a slightly higher proportion think they've got worse than better. But among service users, the figure jumps to plus 12.
And remember all the fuss about libraries?
And libraries - the subject of many anti-cuts protests - three per cent more people say they've got better than worse, but among library users the score is plus seven.
Strong work all round.


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