Friday, October 11, 2013

Another Polly cracker

Polly's on fine shroud-waving form in today's Guardian, blaming Michael Gove personally for the death of a four month old baby in Tower Hamlets, and for the death of two year old Hamzah Khan. She even links Michael Gove to the death of Baby P - the piece is headlined "It is the Baby Ps and Hamzah Khans who pay for this Tory vandalism." But there's a specific allegation that a Government programme cancelled by Gove would have prevented the death of little Hamzah Khan:
Hamzah Khan fell off everyone's radar, but ContactPoint would have raised the alarm that he was never seen by a GP or registered at school... ContactPoint was abolished in 2010 in the coalition agreement "to reverse the substantial erosion of civil liberties under the Labour government and roll back state intrusion".
Pretty damning right?

Hamzah Khan died in December 2009. Baby P, of course, died in 2007. Toynbee is using the deaths of children who died under a Labour administration to blame the Coalition for being callous (at the very least). That's pretty special.

UPDATE: The utter shameless, grotesque, vile mentality of a "newspaper" that uses the killing of kids for political purposes and to inflame hatred. That was Owen Jones on the Philpott story in the Daily Mail. Oddly, he's been silent on the Guardian.


Anonymous david morris said...

But not unusual

It is La Toynbee, after all.

In fine shroud waving form after her agreeable summer sojurn i9n Tuscany, blaming all ills on the eeeeevil Tories....

11:09 am  
Blogger Tim J said...

It's rare for her to directly refute her own argument with her own example, but yes the general trend is unexceptional.

11:18 am  

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