Monday, April 22, 2013

#Notnews on party funding!

Left Foot Forward has the shocking news (from the Sunday Times) that most large private political donations are to the Tories.
Forty three of the 50 biggest political donations made by individuals last year went to the Conservative Party, according to the annual Sunday Times Rich List (£). Seven out of the top ten political donors also gave to the Conservative Party.
The largest donor is Michael Farmer, who gave the Tories £1.3m (although this is four times as much as the next largest). Labour only have two large private donors, Lord Sainsbury and Andrew Rosenfeld. Obvious proof that the Tories have an unacceptably narrow funding source.

In unrelated news, the Trade Unions have given more than £20m to Labour since 2010, with Unite alone having given more than the top 50 Tory donors combined.


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