Friday, March 16, 2012

The power of poor writing

This is a strong contender for the worst political column of the year so far. Stiff competition, obviously, but I think it's in with a chance:

Samantha Cameron is not just flying the flag for British fashion in this photograph, she is flying it for President Cameron and the myth of liberal conservatism.

In terms of sheer, joyously bad writing, however, there can be only one nominee. Step forward Paul Taylor, of the theatre & dance section of the Independent. Lots of possible examples, but let's go with the "swallowed a thesaurus and then been violently sick on paper" approach illustrated in his review of Shivered.

When some artists affect to say the unsayable, the result is simply unspeakable. Likewise, when they make a show of thinking the unthinkable, the consequences are just flatly unconscionable...

It is not Ridley who is desentised; it is his attackers in their fixed and laminated indignation. They fail to take on board the generosity of spirit that impels his plays and makes them not a tragicomic reveling in the destructive element but bravura, abundant, tonally varied (there are always some great joles) tours de foce of the dramatic and narrative arts.
The typos aren't mine, by the way. I assume that the proof readers at the Independent simply lost the will to carry on past the first few sentences. Hard to blame them.


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