Thursday, January 27, 2011

Not really back...

Popping out briefly from self-imposed exile to note that John Rentoul may have been precipitate in classifying this from Will Straw as number 496 in his series of Questions To Which The Answer Is No.

Will Ed Balls be the recession’s Churchill?

Because while at first glance this does indeed look ridiculous, Will Straw doesn’t specify which Churchill he’s talking about.  OK, it’s obvious that the Lion of Empire 1939-45 variety can be ruled out of court straight away – but what about the Chancellor who disastrously re-introduced the Gold Standard in 1924? Or the one who was so spectacularly wrong about India? Or the one who ballsed up the Gallipolli campaign? Or the one who was so wrong about the Abdication Crisis? Maybe Will Straw’s not being quite so ridiculous after all…


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