Tuesday, December 21, 2010


It’s a minor gripe really, and pulled out because I can’t be bothered addressing the glaring faults that bedevil the rest of the article, but really why are opinion journalists so staggeringly innumerate?  Take this from Polly Toynbee (who else?)
Incidentally, Cameron said cutting 50 MPs' seats would save £12m; but redrawing boundaries will cost £11m.
The first of these figures is an annual reduction, the second is a one-off cost.  It’s a totally meaningless juxtaposition.  Does she really not know any better?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I noticed the same thing. Many commentators, particularly on the left, have made the case that some of the current cuts are bad because the nation needs to invest now to same money in future.

By that standard, a scheme which will generate £1m in clear savings in its first year and then save far more each year going forward seems like a pretty good deal.

Toynbee isn't unique in writing to prove a point in ignorance (deliberate or otherwise) of salient facts and logic - but she certain has a talent for it.

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