Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wonking it up

Look, I’ll write my seminal piece on Balls, Burnham and Abbott soon but I just wanted to illustrate what I was saying about David Miliband.  When I said the following:
On the other hand, of course, Miliband D is unutterably geeky.  This manifests itself not only in the obvious gurning and fidgeting, but in a dreadful habit of speaking like a junior manager at a seminar.
It was more or less precisely this sort of thing that I meant:
Labour's first duty is to oppose. But we must also be a party that is clear about its values and alternatives – putting power, wealth and opportunity in the hands of the many not the few. That means reforming the school exams to focus on learning not just testing; rethinking the role of government in driving wealth creation though a smart industrial policy; and ensuring welfare is truly reciprocal by guaranteeing people work, and a decent wage, but standing up for a conditional system.
The many not the few.  Learning not testing.  Standing up for a conditional system.  This is what we have to look forward to from the next Leader of the Opposition.  Painful, isn’t it?


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