Friday, August 20, 2010

So, you're having a house meeting...

Another illustration of why David Miliband as Leader of the Opposition would be so unspeakably awkward.  This six page guide to how to hold a “house meeting” to support Mili-D is just one God-awful cringe after another.
Last, but by no means least, prepare food and drink for your House Meeting – perhaps ask some of the guests to bring or contribute something to the evening. No one can resist a delicious spread of food!
I think it’s the exclamation mark that makes that sentence.
Remind your guests the day before – try and build accountability into the relationship. If someone confirms then they should be there and you need to let people know you are disappointed if they don’t turn up… even if it’s just your mates!
Building accountability into the relationship.  Because that’s what you do with your mates…  Another good exclamation mark incidentally.  They’re crazy people at the Mili-D campaign!!1!  Speaking of which, this next section deserves to be posted in full.
Once everyone has shared a story and you’ve found some common ground that unites people in the room start thinking about some next steps. Move from the section where everyone has been sharing stories to some practical solutions and next steps by reading or taking from the following paragraph:
“I hope you have enjoyed this evening - it’s been really interesting hearing your stories tonight and it just shows the need for us to organise in our local community. Whatever our different perspectives on the issues discussed tonight, one thing is clear – that we can achieve more together than we can on our own.
Our communities need change and we know that our country needs change and sometimes it’s tempting to leave that to national politicians. Actually what I’ve realized is that we need local leaders to make change and we need a national leader for the Labour Party and the country who will work with us to make that happen.
Do people speak like this?  Would it be worse if they really did, or if it’s just that David Miliband thinks that they do?


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