Thursday, July 22, 2010


We interrupt our nascent series on the Labour leadership hopefuls to comment on this piece by Steve Richards.  One bit, in particular, doesn’t quite ring true:
I make one prediction on the basis of discussions with quite a lot of Labour MPs. Such is their loathing for the coalition that they are deadly serious about returning to power as soon as possible. If their next leader flops in the first year or so there will be no sentimentality. He will be removed.
Now, I know it’s harder under Labour rules for a sitting Prime Minister to be shifted than a leader of the opposition, but the historical precedents for Labour ruthlessness are not strong.  The general air of pusillanimity surrounding the numerous failed attempts to ditch Gordon Brown was at least partly down to the fact that Labour simply don’t have a history of replacing failed leaders who won’t co-operate.  In fact, can anyone tell me a single instance of this happening? 


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